Often in Broadcast equipment is supplied to order, but for independant film work I own a sound cart for basic production mixing and unit production comms, radio distribution and a hidden snack supply. 


 I frequently work on independant projects on most formats from Arri Alexa and Red to Arri 416 16mm and have developed modern workflows to run alongside the lightning pace of change in digital and physical film making. 

TV and Broadcast 

Having worked across the major channels in a freelance capacity I have contributed to coverage of major events in recent years such as Wimbledon, the London Olympics and Paralympics, A Royal birth, major Premier League events, blockbuster film premiers and press junkets as well as supporting crew work with larger rating saturday evening entertainment shows. I also occasionally work on documentaries. 

Audio Post Production


Coming from a broadcast background as opposed to studio post production, I work cloesly with post audio teams in order to bring a high percentage of production audio from location to the edit. I have worked with Sound Disposition Ltd over many years and always recommend their services to my independant productions; they cover dialogue editing, foley, FX and mastering at their ever growing studios for the best delivery of content in London. Like me they have spent many years helping indie projects to get out there to as many screens as possible.